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E & L Pet Insurance

   E & L Pet Insurance Review

E & L Pet Insurance

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Pet Insurance from E & L

E & L are one of the leading pet insurance companies in the UK, offering cover for pets of all ages. For many people pets are valued just as much as the rest of the members of the family. Caring for a sick pet can end up costing thousands of pounds. It is well worth having the protection in place that E&L pet insurance can offer.

Why insure your pet?
With vet's fees escalating in the region of 11% per year, giving your pet the best attention is very expensive. Caring owners like you increasingly choose to protect their much-loved pets with pet insurance. Vet's fees cover is essential but a whole host of other benefits can be useful too. Take E & L's public liability cover for example, a must if your pet is involved in an accident involving another person. They have paid out pet claims that have run into thousands of pounds.

Why choose pet insurance from E&L?

  • E & L specialise in dog and cat insurance.
  • They have been in business for more than 70 years.
  • E & L offer unbeatable cover levels and low premiums.
  • They offer a 10% discount when you take out pet insurance on more than one pet.

E & L's monthly policyholders receive a voucher providing discount off the purchase of pet food from Nutro, the pet food specialists. Their dog and cat policies are designed to take the worry out of owning a pet. For one simple annual or monthly policy payment your much-loved pet can be covered providing you with valued peace of mind.

E&L offer a range of pet insurance policies to suit all budgets providing comprehensive cover. Whilst their standard pet insurance covers pets up to age 8 years they also offer policies for Senior Pets aged 8 years and upwards (no maximum age limit), and a special Pet Travel insurance policy.

For individuals who work with pets E & L provide insurance for Groomers, Breeders and owners of Kennels and Catteries.

Top five pet insurance claims

  • Vets fees (Disease)
  • Vets fees (Accident)
  • Death due to disease
  • Death due to accident
  • Loss by theft/straying

For further information on E & L Pet Insurance visit the E & L website.


E & L Pet Insurance

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